36 Toy Soldiers Stand Perfectly Still But When They Move The Audience Gasps

I'm speechless


We can all agree how the dancing performances are the best part of the so much anticipated holiday shows. Now if you think you’ve seen everything the dancing masters has to offer, you can’t be more wrong. What you are about to witness will take your breath away.

When the 36 dancers took the stage, the audience simply knew they were about to experience something unique. Dressed as toy soldiers, the dancers are so synchronized in their movement that they indeed resemble toys. 

Every step they take on the huge stage is neat and in perfect harmony with the rest of the overall routine. Millions of people have already seen the dancing spectacle and everyone agrees it’s unlike any other.

These highly trained professionals definitely stood out and stole the show. Moving along and marching with such precision takes a lot of focus and practice, as well as God given talent. 

Among all those mesmerizing dance acts, the toy soldiers falling like dominoes is the most catchy of all. 

This routine is a classic and has been part of the Christmas Spectacular Starring the Radio City Rockettes musical holiday stage show since 1933. However, it never fails to capture our attention and fill our hearts with pleasure. 

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