Duo Wins 1st Place For Updated Take On Classic Swing Dance

They are amazing to watch. Their moves are so flawless and fun I didn't want it to end!


Ben Morris and Jennifer DeLuca make it clear what it really takes to be number one and end up winning a swing dance competition. Their incredible dancing routine makes the two jump off the page and leave the audience and the judges speechless. The fact they live on the opposite sides of the country isn’t an obstacle for them to get together and practice the top-notch golden medal worth choreography. 

Once they took the stage of the Capital Swing Dancers’ Presidents’ Day weekend convention in California, everyone knew it was going to be a dancing experience like no other. It really is something never-seen before, because it’s incredibly original with no single classic swing step or sequence in the whole routine. 

The crowd went wild with every step this duo took, and everyone was eager to see more of the “rebellious” performance. The whole thing was accompanied by loud cheering. Ben and Jenifer’s vibrant personalities were expressed by their moves which were energetic and bubbly. Dancing to George Thorogood’s classic only added to the beauty of the whole thing. 


This dancing duo did something incredible. They gave the swing dancing a completely new meaning. Everyone who got to witness the dazzling performance agrees how it was more vibrant, and well…different. 

The way Ben and Jennifer were dressed was nothing like what other competitors wore. The females are “expected” to dress in a pretty A-line dresses that resemble the outfit of the swing-dance era. Jennifer went a step further and wore black slacks with metal studs adorning pocket and a white and black sleeveless top. Her partner Ben was dressed in a classic pants, a shirt, and a sweater. 


The flawless dance routine didn’t incorporate any distinctive move from the 1930s, but the perfect harmony and the “crazy” swinging all around the stage made it enjoyable to watch. 

Jennifer bends over backwards while Ben uses her outstretched arm as a microphone and lip syncs George’s song. It’s really fabulous, especially seeing the twisting and flipping on the ground instead of up in the air.  


Swing dance is a style of social dancing in which a dancer often lifts, spins, and flips the partner. It’s a favorite among dancers of all ages and its origins date back in the 1920s when jazzy Big Bands were all the rage, but then seemed to fade away after the 194o’s.

However, in recent years this type of dancing regained its popularity and people really seem to enjoy it both practicing it and watching how it’s done. Ben and Jennifer took swing dancing to a whole new level that everyone loves. 

Check out the winning performance in the video below.