3-year-old dies after being raped and 10-month-old sister hospitalized – mom accuses stepdad

Such depravity has no place in society.


Sometimes, the cruelties that happen are impossible to understand. This story fits right into that category, and it’s possibly one of the worst stories I have ever heard.

In Santa Fe, Argentina, a 3-year-old boy died after a violent rape.

At the Santa Fe child hospital, his just 10-month-old sister fights for her own life.

Both were originally admitted into Niños Orlando Alassia Hospital. The hospital manager said the boy came in critical condition. With several fractures to his skull, chest, and ribs, hospital staff revived him. Sadly, he passed away that night in his sleep.

The staff noticed his injuries indicated he had been sexually abused. Him and his sister alike both show clear signs of physical abuse along with neglect.

The staff questioned their mother. When questioned, the mom accused the children’s stepfather of the attack. Since then, authorities have arrested him.

Currently, the girl is being monitored in the hospital throughout the rest of her recovery.