3 Kids Play In Their Backyard, Next Thing Child Services Are Knocking At The Door


Were you fortunate enough to grow up in a home which had a yard? Well, if you were I have no doubt that you have many memories, hopefully all happy about the memories in the yard when you were younger!

There is something great and at the same time innocent about those memories of running and playing with your brothers and/or sisters, if you had any brothers and/or sisters of course.

Amazingly normal you would think until you hear about why this mother, from Manitoba was visited by Child Services, then you might well be more than a little shocked!

The mother, Jacqui has a home like this with a back yard, incidentally which is fenced and secure. She sent her three kids out to play but never imagined what would transpire that day.

Somebody complained to Child Services that the kids were playing outside without proper supervision, next ensued a full investigation into the affair.

A CFS worker was sent to review the situation, Jacqui felt confident that she had indeed given enough information to answer their enquiries. Even though the yard was safe, secure and closed off with three sides in wood and a chain closure on the other side, what she didn’t know at the time was that they had recorded and added to her permanent record.

Even the suggestion that the kids were left to play on their own and do as they pleased for hours was ridiculous and we completely feel sorry for Jacqui had to go through this. Does a child need a parent hovering them for every second in order to be safe? Is there a reason this should have been reported?

If the person who reported this was really so convinced there was such a big problem, then wouldn’t they even try to speak to her first? So, we live in a mad, crazy world, but that doesn’t then mean that kids can’t play outside without an armed guard right?

We think that this mother didn’t do anything wrong based on what we know don’t you agree? Shouldn’t people just mind their own business!

We really hope this storey is shared by everyone so that things like this don’t happen again! After all, parents really should be able to let their children have some small freedoms in their own homes right? So long as they are safe and secure within reasonable measures of course!