2-day-old baby girl found wrapped in a plastic back with a knife sticking out of her back

Her fragile and tiny body was covered in wounds.


Gym instructor Diego Sebastian Penayo from Posadas, Argentina, stumbled upon an abandoned baby wrapped in a plastic bag and covered with a blanket. When he rushed to take the poor soul in his hands, he noticed something shocking. A rusty knife was sticking out of the little one’s back. Her fragile and tiny body was also covered in wounds which spoke of the horrific things she suffered at only two days old.

The baby was taken to the Pediatric Hospital Dr. Fernando Barreyro and was expected to recover. Despite the visible wounds, her vital organs weren’t been damaged.

Newborn Baby Girl Found Inside A Bin Bag With A Knife Sticking Out Of Her Back

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Posted by Ekundayo Olanrewaju on Sunday, 13 September 2020

As reported by The Sun, the baby’s mother was identified and arrested but her name wasn’t revealed. Authorities believe she gave birth at Dr. Ramon Madariaga Treble Hospital and abandoned her daughter at a nearby street, according to The Daily Mail.

David Halac, a representative of the hospital where the baby was treated, said that the knife which was stuck in the baby’s back was the same one that was used to inflict the other injuries.

As this baby girl’s survival was a real miracle, the staff at the hospital decided to name her Esperanza, which stands for Hope in Spanish.

We are so very sorry Esperanza had to go through such an ordeal just two days after she entered this world, but we are at the same time overjoyed she got to live. We hope she will end up with a loving family.