15 photos to prove that nothing ever beats dogs’ love

Dogs are the best friends we could ever wish for!


No matter if you are a dog person or a cat person, you have to agree that nothing really beats the love canines give to their humans. Loyalty is just one of the traits on the endless list of virtues dogs posses. They always make our days a bit brighter and better and are the best friends we can ever wish for.

The 20 photos below are just the perfect example to back up everything we’ve just said for the best animals that have ever walked this Earth.

1. Great with kids

If you want your children to turn into loving, caring, and responsible individuals, then get them a dog. That way, you will know they will always have someone to love them and be there for them.

Source: Reddit

2. Always by your side

Dogs have this incredible ability to sense when their humans are not feeling fine. So whenever you are feeling sick, they will never leave your side, making sure you are not alone during your hardest of times.

Source: Reddit

3. Helping with the new addition to the family

Dogs are loving creatures who are always happy for the new addition to the family. Not only they are not jealous, but help with the baby by keeping them company. Isn’t this photo a true representation of LOVE?

Source: Imgur

4. No boundaries

Well, dogs know no boundaries, but that’s not a bad thing, unless you need some privacy in the bathroom.

Source: Facebook/Love What Matters

5. Through thick and thin

Whether you are rich or poor, homeless or owning a mansion, dogs don’t care. All they ever care for is that they are with you through thick and thin.

Source: Dog With Blog

6. The virtue of patience

If you ever wondered what your dog is doing at home while you are out, the most probable answer is that they are waiting for you to return. Just take a look at this cutie waiting for his owners at the door. Cute beyond words, don’t you think so?

Source: Imgur

7. Inseparable

These two are having so much fun together. Just look at them casually hanging out on the bench and getting some sun rays and fresh air. As long as they are together, everything is fine.

Source: Reddit

8. Lending an ear

Yes, we all know dogs don’t understand our language, but they do understand how we feel. What’s most, they are the best listeners in the world who provide comfort when we needed it the most.

Source: Reddit

9. Taking care of their pregnant human mommies

Dogs are always very sensitive when it comes to pregnant women. They know these ladies are carrying a soul inside their bellies so canines will always be very protective in such cases. They love touching and kissing the tummies in which their future human siblings are.

Source: Imgur

10. A look of concern

The person who shared this photo explained how his dog put his paw on his leg whenever he heard him coughing. Isn’t that adorable?

Source: Imgur

11. Keeping you for themselves

In fact, dogs hate to share their humans with others, whether it is a person or an animal. The boyfriend tried to kiss his girl, but this dog reached his head as though he wanted to say: “Stay away from my owner, she’s all mine.”

Source: Imgur

12. Special delivery

If you find yourself in a position when you are vulnerable or sick, don’t worry. Your dog will be there to give you some water and all the things you need. Just like this fella from the photo below.

Source: Reddit

13. Welcome home

When you get home after hours spent outside who will be the first to welcome you back home? Your dog, of course. On top of that, you’ll get a kiss, a lick, and a hug.

Source: Reddit

14. The joy they feel every day

Your dog will never get enough of being around you. What’s most, they are not afraid to show that. Look at the sweet puppy below, he’s all smiles just for being with his humans.

Source: Reddit

15. Always there for their kind

The touching photo below shows just how empathetic dogs can be not only towards humans but those of their kind as well. At the end of the day, this is a Dog Love Dog world.

Source: Reddit

Dogs are simply the best, thank God for having them in our lives.