10-year-old Indiana boy dies moments after telling his mom how much he loved her

Soon after telling his mother how much he loved her, a 10-year-old passionate football player breathed his last. The boy's sudden death had left his family in shock...


Treven Ball was a 10-year-old boy full of life. He loved playing football, and everyone knew he was destined to achieve great things in the sport. Unfortunately, Treven was robbed of his life in a manner that left his family and everyone who had ever met him in a state of shock.

This young man never experienced any health issues. Instead, he was vibrant and active, and enjoyed being on the field more than anything else.

Treven was part of the Springs Valley Schools youth team in French Lick, Indiana. 

It was during the second week of September 2022 that Treven played his first match under the lights. He let his talent shine and loved the cheering. His parents, Holly and Terrin, and his two younger siblings, Talon and Taylyn, were there to celebrate his achievement with him.

Life seemed perfect, but then, on September 13, Treven suddenly fell ill and passed away.

The last words he uttered using his last breath were how much he loved his mother.

The devastated parents couldn’t believe their son was gone. Grief settled in their hearts, and they couldn’t possibly imagine how it was possible for someone that young to die in such a sudden manner.

A friend of the family, Jessica Alexander, said, “It was just four days ago he was running up and down the bleachers.”

Treven’s aunt, Meghan Murphy, said of her nephew, “He just made you want to be a better person because of the way he lived,” adding that he always made everyone smile.

The school he attended organized a prayer gathering at the SVHS football field. The number of people who attended the event in Treven’s honor was overwhelming.

“We knew what kind of kid he was. But to just come out here and see all the lives that he has affected. That truly meant something to us,” Murphy said.

A GoFundMe was set in order to help the family with the finances as Treven’s mom and dad took some time off work while they mourn the loss of their beautiful son.

A huge number of people took their time to share their condolences.

“We have added their family to our church’s prayer list. They send it out to 2 more churches here in St. Louis. Hopefully, we can have prayers flooding in from across the nation.”

― (@Tiffany Epiphany) September 14, 2022

“Treven was the absolute first person to see me anywhere and gave me the sweetest hugs! He would knock on the door at the end of the day or come to visit in the morning before school.”

― (@Tara Allstott) September 13, 2022

We extend our heartfelt condolences to Treven’s family. may he rest in peace.

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