Grandpa has found a new way to scare off all of the telemarketers

Grandpa has found a new way to scare off all of the telemarketers and it's hilarious!


No matter if you are young or old, I am sure you are a fan of the iconic Disney characters, among which Donald Duck. And yes, the first things that comes to your mind when listening to this name is probably the blue sailor shirt with a red bow tie and cap, as well as his distinctive voice which is hard to imitate.

Well, a man that goes by the name Donald Sizemore is probably the best imitators of this famous duck’s voice and we can see that from the video below, which we all have to agree is beyond hilarious.

Source: YouTube – Inside Edition

The phone is ringing and Mr. Sizemore picks it up. It is a telemarketer on the other side of the line so he decides to do Donald Duck’s voice. Confused, the telemarketer asks whether he’s the real Donald Duck, and the conversation goes on for a while before the other side realizes something weird is going on and hangs up the phone. I don’t know about you, but I would have never hanged up on one of my favorite Disney characters ever.

Some say the telemarketer only got what they deserve for disturbing people over the phone, but I guess they are only doing their job.

Anyways, if you want to listen to Mr. Sizemore speaking exactly like Donald Duck, then check out the video below.

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