10-year-old girl raped and made pregnant by her stepfather was given baby shower by the local church

Her mom consulted a doctor and decided the girl would continue with the pregnancy as stopping it was riskier than giving birth.


News about children who suffer from the hands of those who are supposed to carry for them is something that we hear a lot. Sadly, it seems to me that this world is going crazier with each passing day and we can’t really do anything to stop that, no matter how hard we try.

A story of a 10-year-old girl from Monte Caseros, Argentina, shook the entire world after it was discovered that her stepfather, Horacio Insaurralde, raped and impregnated her.

The mother had no idea what her little girl was going through while the two were living under the same roof with the monster stepfather. And she didn’t realize her daughter was pregnant until the girl’s grandmother noticed how her belly was getting bigger and bigger every day. At the time of the discovery, the mother and Horacio were no longer together as things didn’t work out between them.

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Learning of the girl’s pregnancy left the mother and the family in disbelief. It was obvious the girl couldn’t continue with the pregnancy because she was way too young to give birth and she was raped, so the mother considered the Legal Interruption of Pregnancy (ILE) which is a measure taken to legally have an abortion if the pregnancy is harmful to the health of the person, or, is a product of rape.

However, after consulting a doctor, the mother was told that “it was riskier to stop the pregnancy than to continue it” knowing the girl was already 24 weeks into pregnancy, according to Ester Dotro, the leader of a Collective Feminist group.

Dotro said how the doctor was a religious person and persuaded the mother to keep the girl’s baby because of “personal ideological and religious opinions.” Dotro also added that despite that, she still respected the doctor’s “medical and social work because they have done a lot.”

Eventually, the mother decided what was best for her daughter’s health, and that was continuing with the pregnancy.

The local church the mother and the girl attended organized a baby shower. Pastor Mari of the Ministerial Apostolic and Prophetic Church of Monte Caseros said they did that in order to help the family and didn’t want to comment on the decision about keeping the baby saying, “I am neutral. That is a family decision,” according to Mirror. “We have not given any advice to the family,” the pastor went on to say. “I accept that it is a mother and a very young girl. However, the baby that is coming is a life and the young girl has to be attended psychologically.”

The pastor added how they all hope Horacio will be brought to justice and will pay the consequences.

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So far, what we know of the case is that the wrongdoer is still in custody and “a trial is pending a date from the Paso de los Libres Oral Penal Tribunal,” as per Prosecutor Oscar Fabian Soto. The Family and Civil jurisdiction of Monte Caseros has opened a separate case against 31-year-old Horacio.

As for the sweet little girl whose life has changed forever, she gave birth to a baby boy via Cesarean section at the Neonatal Eloisa Torrense de Vidal Hospital. We truly hope she will be able to have a normal life after everything she went through.