10 Things That Show Your Partner Has Fallen Out Of Love With You!


Do you think you have found your soul-mate? You hope that your feelings will last forever, but then looking at the many couples in the world who have separated and you wonder why this is the case…

One of the biggest reasons for people breaking up and separating is that falling out of love. Such a situation can be common a partner can actually fall out of love, lose his or her feelings over the years. So how can you know if your partner loves you?

In a moment your relationship looks rosy, just like always, but from time to time you have worrying thoughts. Analyze your relationship for a moment, psychologists found that there are ten measurable things that show if your partner still loves you or not.

#1 – Demonstration Of Feelings

Your partner doesn’t demonstrate his feelings towards you, doesn’t show you any love, no flowers, no gestures, or even worse, they show feelings for someone else.

#2 – Listening And Concentration

Your partner is very distracted all the time and doesn’t listen to you, thinking about other things constantly.

#3 – Share Life Experiences

Your partner has lost interest in your life and you, you find it difficult to have common interests between you anymore.

#4 – Always Taking The Blame

Every little situation or problem and it’s suddenly your fault…. !

#5 – Lack Of Support

Your partner doesn’t support you and finds reasons why he can’t…

#6 – Leave Of Absence

Your partner takes every opportunity to be away from home and with friends instead of you.

#7 – Future Plans

Your partner makes plans for the future and you are not in those plans.

#8 – Doesn’t See The Good

Your partner remembers just all the bad parts of your relationship and absolutely forgotten the great times you had together.

#9 – I’ll Do What I Want

Your partner refuses to explain his behavior, even, if you ask him directly.

#10 – Bad Bad Bad

Your partner is constantly looking to make you feel bad and hurt you, lying and insincere.

We hope that everyone really does experience true love, and remember just one of these on its own, or even just a few could mean you need to work harder at your relationship. But if you have all of them or nearly all of them, then its maybe time to move on to someone who deserves you!

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