10 signs your partner may be sleeping with someone else

10 signs your partner may be sleeping with someone else.


Infidelity is something many people turn to, forgetting that it would affect their relationship with their significant other and cause unbearable pain and moments of suffering.

Many people are not even aware that their partner is cheating on them because they fail to notice the subtle signs of infidelity.

First of all, those people who are in an open and honest relationship are less likely to cheat on their partner. Communication is yet another aspect that is considered the foundation of any successful relationship. It is very important to be close to your partner to the extent to be able to share with them all your concerns.

When there is lack of communication, the chances of one of the partners seeking an extramarital affair are higher.

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Now matter how hard they try to keep their affair a secret, the person who’s cheating does show changes in their attitude, their routines, and their behavior.

Increased secrecy

If your partner is more secretive with their phone and computer use, that may indicate they are communicating with someone and want to keep it private. You’ve probably had no issue using your partner’s phone for something in the past – but now, they seem to be extremely protective, even going so far as to change their pattern that prevents you from opening it. So, if they have an “affair” with their phone, they are likely having an affair with another person.

Sudden changes in behavior

If your partner had a predictable routine and schedule and that changes suddenly, it could be a warning sign they are hiding something from you. Even slight changes, like suddenly taking up a new hobby or socializing more frequently with a particular friend or coworker, may be a red flag that something odd is going on. These changes usually come with innocent explanations, but instead of accepting them as such, try to talk with your partner about the way they behave.

Changes in appearance

In case your partner suddenly pays more attention to their looks it could be a sign they are trying to impress someone else rather than you. Hitting the gym more often, buying more clothes, or even changing their hairstyle may be the reason they want to look their best for another person.

Of course, you should not jump to conclusions right away but look at other signs as well because wanting to look good could simply be a need to improve their self-image for themselves.

Lack of intimacy or sexual interest

If the affection between you and your significant other isn’t as strong as it once was and they are not that interested in engaging in intimate acts with you that often, it may indicate that they are being intimate with someone else.

The reasons for this behavior may be others, of course, such as stress, nutrition, lack of exercise, or taking certain medication.

But, if it has always been pretty regular, and they start to no longer desire your attention, it may be because they’re getting their needs met elsewhere. 

Defensiveness or irritability when questioned

If your partner has gone from being open and honest in their communication to you, to being flighty and cagey, they may be hiding something. Those who cheat usually avoid answering simple questions such as those of how their day was and get angry easily when you try to learn more about their activities.

While it’s essential to respect your partner’s privacy, if you notice that they’re consistently defensive, it’s worth having a conversation about why they’re behaving that way. At the end of the day, they may be just going through a tough time because of other reasons.

Requests for more space

When a person asks from their partner to give them some space, they are either fighting their own demons and are going through some rough times, or they are developing feelings for someone else.

If they want to be away from you for some time and ask for privacy, it could be a sign they are getting attention from another person.

Unexplained expenses or charges

Having an affair with someone usually involves sneaky monetary transactions and money spent on holidays, hotels, gifts, as well as expensive restaurants. This will translate into unexplained cash withdrawals or credit card spending. So, if you are having concerns that your partner might be cheating on you, keep a close eye on the bills because withdrawing significant amounts of cash from their account is a sign that some money is being spent in places it shouldn’t be.

Overly defensive towards friends or coworkers

If you notice your partner is overly defensive of their relationship with a particular friend or coworker, they may not be just friends.

This is be especially concerning if they’ve changed their behaviors around that person and started to exclude you from certain conversations or activities.

Guilt-induced behavior

When they cheat, some people pay excessive attention to their partner in order to compensate for the guilt they feel. To be sure if your partner is sorry for what they did, look for consistency in their words and actions. Of course, this attention may be just an act of love, so don’t jump into conclusions unless you are certain they did something out of the ordinary.

Gut feeling

Never underestimate the power of your gut feeling. If you have that awkward feeling that your partner has someone else in their life, don’t take it for granted but look for other suspicious behavior, like the ones mentioned above.

However, no matter the issues in your relationship might be, always solve them with an open and honest conversation and try to fix what can be fixed if it’s not too late for such a thing.

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