Young man saves a bobcat from fire but never expects to receive such gratitude

Such beautiful appreciation by the wild bobcat.. ❤️


Some years ago, devastating wildfires struck great part of U.S. and a huge number of people were left without homes. The same was true for a number of wild animals who watched their habitat being destroyed right in front of their eyes. The animals ran in confusion and fought for their lives, just as all the humans who were affected by this natural disaster.

One family, the Kraus, found a safe place to stay, but they weren’t at ease because they knew many wild creatures needed humans’ help. This Pennsylvania family did what they believed was right and provided shelter for a young fawn and a newborn bobcat. These wild animals were raised in their home together with the family’s cats and dogs.

No matter how incredible it sounds, that’s exactly what happened.

The bob cat was named Benji and he became an important part in the life of each and every Kraus member. One particular person Benji was especially fond of was the family’s son, George.

The two spent most of their time by each other’s side and did a lot of fun things together. In the video below, the sweet bobcat is seen cheerfully playing with George and it is definitely one of the cutest videos we’ve ever stumbled upon.

George wrote that Benji passed away years after being part of the family. He truly was one of a kind. The love he was able to give to his rescuers was unmatched. He showed affection towards the rest of the pets too, especially the deer, Athena, whom he shared the same fate with. They were happy to be rescued by such loving and caring people like the Kraus.

Watch how Benji overwhelmed his rescuers with love in the video below; it’s the sweetest sight! It doesn’t come as a surprise that this sweet bonding has been seen by over 7.6 million people.