Dad tears down realizing the house they were hunting for his son was actually for him

Such a heartwarming gesture!


Moms and dads out there sacrifice a lot for their children without expecting anything in return. But when they receive appreciation for the hard work and all the love they have for their kids, parents know they have done a great job raising caring individuals.

Michael Green is the creator of The Angry Grandpa Show on YouTube which is very popular. Now, as much as we enjoy all of the videos posted on the channel, the one below is definitely one of our favorite.

Michael and his girlfriend Bridgette asked Michael’s dad, Charles, to help them search for their dream home. They checked out a bunch of houses and it looked like they finally found what they were looking for.

Charles loved everything about the place. There was a fireplace and the rooms were big and comfy. He just knew it was the perfect house for his son. But what he didn’t know was that the house wasn’t for Michael, but for him.

“For the past few months, Bridgette and I have been planning a huge prank on Angry Grandpa and today’s the day we’re going to pull it off,” Michael says at the beginning of the footage which has been watched by over 17 million people.

“We’ve been taking my dad house hunting with us under the pretenses that he’s looking for a house for me and Bridgette. The only problem is, he’s been looking for his own house,” he adds.

The moment Charles learns the house is his is so touching it brings tears of joy. When Michael hands him the key, Charles is in disbelief.

You will definitely need tissues for this beautiful moment. Check it out in the video below.