Young boy with blue eyes, white hairs and lightning mark down his face goes viral

Born with natural blue eyes, white hairs and a lightning mark down his face, this little boy has taken the internet by storm. The mystery behind his appearance has left people all over the world scratching their heads. I don't care what anyone says, I think he's beautiful.


Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but there are those people who are gifted with enchanting looks, such as the sweet young boy from this story.

Having a dark skin and vividly blue eyes, the sweet boy looks incredibly adorable. But what makes him even more special is the white patch of hair just above his forehead and a white line which spreads to his face and resembles a light-striking.

raoultsasa0 via TikTok

When a video of this boy was first shared on TikTok by user Raoul Tsasa, it caused a stir and everyone was eager to learn more about him. However, except for the videos and a couple of photos, not much is known about him. No information regarding his name, age, or place of living has been provided.

raoultsasa0 via TikTok

Many users of the social-networking site commented on the videos which have been seen millions of times.

One person wrote, “I see a storm cloud upon his head, lightning down the center of his face between two bodies of water, his eyes.” Another said, “He looks so unique. He shouldn’t struggle to be a great actor. He already stands out among the crowd.” Third added, “He is a masterpiece of beauty.” Honestly, we can’t agree more.

@raoultsasa0 Antwoorden aan @rosybsg ♬ origineel geluid – Raoul Tsasa695

User Jamie La Chaky shared his suspicions about what could have been the reason behind this boy’s striking looks. “I believe he has Waardenburg Syndrome,” he wrote.

This syndrome represents a group of genetic conditions characterized by varying degrees of hearing loss and differences in the coloring (pigmentation) of the eyes, hair, and skin.

One thing is certain, no matter what caused them, this young boy’s features are breathtaking, don’t you agree?

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