Woman’s Mistake Brings A Stranger To Her Home

Confused as to why someone would be at her home at 6 am Katie got an alert on her phone since someone had triggered the camera at the front door. When she took a look at the video she could see a stranger fumbling around the entrance of her home but it was the item clutched in his hand that quickly made her alert her husband.


Katie Egger Markis from Washington D.C was awoken by the sound of her smartphone. An alert from the home security provider told her something unusual was taking place at her front porch. As she was about to head to her teaching workout class, she got up from bed and approached the cameras that were showing a stranger standing at her front door. She has never seen that man before in her life so she sort of freaked out and got suspicious.

Facebook/Katie Egger Makris

Her first thought was that he could be a delivery guy, but it was still dark outside and way too early for someone to be at their job at that time. At that point, Katie really had no idea who that man could be and why he was pacing back and forth her porch. She later posted on Facebook saying:

“Typically, posted videos from Ring cameras are about package thefts, break ins, people juggling car doors on the street to see what’s open…and our neighborhood list serve is always littered with these this time of year.”


However, it turned out the man wasn’t there for any of the reasons that went through Katie’s mind. It was visible from the camera footage that he intended to leave something for the family, but was walking around to find just the perfect place.

Once Katie saw him wandering off she couldn’t wait to see what he dropped off. She called her husband and asked him to check. To Katie’s surprise, what the stranger placed under the doormat was her wallet.

She must have lost it the previous day during her morning jog. The kind stranger did an amazing thing. He probably learned Katie’s address from her ID card and decided to get it back to her, without asking anything in return.


Katie shared the whole story on Facebook:

“This guy was nice enough to stop his van, clearly checked the address on the ID and returned it under our mat. Anyone who lives in DC knows this is pretty much unheard of – you drop a wallet, you lose a wallet, and you usually lose everything in your accounts if you’re not quick, too. Counting my blessings today- I’m damn lucky. Random Dallas fan in the plaid with the white van: thank you. You’re what’s right in the world.”

We sometimes make assumptions beforehand and later realize how wrong we may end up being, as in this case. Katie is beyond grateful for this man’s act.

Take a look at the video below.