80-Year-Old Destitute Woman Curled up Days on Street Until Traffic Cop Steps In

“I could not stop myself from helping her.”


There are times in life when we feel like our world turns upside down and there is no way out of the desperate situation we found ourselves in. But, many times, in cases like this, certain people cross our path and enter our life only to remind us that we are not fighting our battles alone, and things aren’t always as bad as they seem.

An Indian traffic police officer is a living proof of this. He entered this old lady’s life and gave her a helping hand in the toughest of times. The 80-year-old woman named Buchamma was found curled up by a Hyderabad roadside nearby the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU). She had apparently spent the last three days there, and no one, except for Mr. B.Gopal, cared enough to offer her at least a glass of water.

“The elderly woman who was seated near JNTUH crossroads reminded me of my mother,”

recalled Gopal, reports the New Indian Express.

“I could not stop myself from helping her.”

The kindhearted man felt he could at least buy her a meal.

“I offered her a cup of tea and then bought lunch for her,” says Gopal, reports The Hindu. “But she was unable to even eat with her own hands, so I fed her.”

A passerby who witnessed the lovely sight twitted the officer’s kind act and it vent viral for all the right reasons.

“This is called change, not only friendly police, also called social responsibility,” tweeted one man.

“Humanity can be clearly seen in this Gentleman,” wrote another. “Hats off B.Gopal.”

One person commented:

“It’s people like you who enhance our lives, who make the world a wonderful place, who inspire us to put others first, who help us to overlook the evil. Thank you.”

This lady’s life was pretty difficult, and her faith is sad, because she ended up on the streets and then thanks to Mr. B. Gopal she was moved to Anand Ashram, a shelter for the homeless. Besides having nine children, none of them provided for their mother.

Buchamma will have a roof over her head, and regular meals, away from her family.

What the officer did not only changed Buchamma’s life, but it restored our faith in humanity. He is everything a person should be, kind, caring, and compassionate. We hope more people will follow his example and will help someone in need.