Woman Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ to Celebrate Her Last Chemo

“She has been tough, she hasn’t lost her faith, and even in the sickest days, she has stayed strong with a smile.”


Some people’s perspective of life is so positive and optimistic that it makes others believe how any obstacle they come across can be overcome with ease. These people are a true inspiration and guidance that teaches us we should never lose hope.

Jessie Rhye Renchy is one of those individuals that never stops fighting and knows how to cherish the good things that come along. She had been diagnosed with a stage-2 breast cancer that she beat in November of last year.

The whole process of undergoing chemotherapy and various other medical treatments was not easy to endure, but Jessie is a real warrior who managed to make it through.

Usually when a person is finally cancer free, the hospitals use the traditional way of spreading the good news, by ringing a bell. But this time it was different. Jessie spread the word of her victory using her voice. She performed a perfect rendition of “Amazing Grace” at the Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jessie noticed changes in her body after her pregnancy, which made her assume that’s normal. She could never imagine those changes were due to the dreadful disease.

The moment she starts singing, the nurses, her family, and her friends hardly manage to hold their tears back.

Take a look at the emotional moment in the video below.