Woman sells all of cheating husband’s things at yard sale while he’s away with his mistress

What a revenge!


Way too many marriages end in divorce because of infidelity. When a person learns that their partner has been unfaithful, they react in a number of ways. Some decide to go separate ways, others decide to work on their relationship, and some are looking for revenge.

When a woman from White Rock, near Vancouver, Canada, learned that her husband had a mistress, she did something that caught the attention of a huge number of people.

Namely, she posted an ad on the Canadian pages of classifieds site Craigslist that she was selling all of her husband’s possessions and that included his beloved red leather theater-style sofas with recliners, a ping pong table, a foosball table, furnishings, workmanship, garden pots, athletic equipment and electrical apparatuses.

“Husband left us for a piece of garbage […] Selling everything and moving house following 10 years of marriage,” the ad read.

Source: Craiglist

She wasn’t selling his clothes, however, because she burnt it all at the driveway.

On top of that, she opened the door to her home for potential buyers before the place went on the market. An estate lawyer from Vancouver explained that the proceeds from the sale might be counted as assets in divorce proceedings.

She even wrote that she would be expecting potential buyers to visit her yard sale in the afternoon because she would be drinking and having fun with her friends and wouldn’t be able to get up early in the morning. “So, please talk softly to the sunglasses-wearing females,” she added.

She closed the ad with the words: “Life is too short to squander time, my eyes were placed at the front of my head by God for a reason. I am looking forward to moving forward!”

What do you think of this revenge?