Woman sees someone dumping a cardboard box on the street, approaches and finds a tiny, abandoned puppy inside

“He was in such a terrible condition. But he was still fighting and he was still hanging on.”


Those people who leave their pets behind and treat them with disrespect are the absolute worst types of human beings. Sadly, animal abandonment happens way more often that we can assume and the number of stray canines and felines in the U.S alone is around 70,000. And that’s 70,000 reasons for our hearts to be broken in that many pieces.

The following story starts with a cruel owner, a sad puppy, and a woman who would always go above and beyond for any animal in need of help.

Source: YouTube screenshot, The Dodo

Namely, Shannon has security cameras installed outside her place and it was on one of the footage that she noticed a man was carrying a box that he placed at the nearby parking lot in the middle of the night. She though it was suspicious so she decided to get out and check what was going on. She assumed there could be an animal inside the box, and just moments later, she realized she was right.

Source: YouTube screenshot, The Dodo

A scared and trembling Pit Bull puppy whose ribs were visible through his skin was looking at her. The sweet little creature was confused and obviously very thirsty and hungry. “He was in such a terrible condition,” Shannon said speaking to The Dodo. “But he was still fighting and he was still hanging on.”

Shannon took him home and gave him something to eat. He didn’t look very healthy as patches of fur were lacking from his fragile body. But, the good thing was that he was now in the safe hands of his kind rescuer.

Source: YouTube screenshot, The Dodo

The pup was named Jiminy Cricket and is now part of the family. He gets to spend his days around her human mommy’s kids and the rest of her dogs, who are all rescue dogs.

Source: YouTube screenshot, The Dodo

As time passed by, Jiminy Cricket became comfortable around his new family and today he’s the biggest dog of all four. “This dog has been with us and has become such a part of our family,” Shannon added. “So we decided that Jiminy Cricket is staying with us and is going to be our fourth rescue dog.”

Source: YouTube screenshot, The Dodo

Jiminy Cricket thought he was unfortunate to be left behind, but that turned to be the best thing as it led him to someone who truly loves him and is happy to have him around.

“The boys and I could not imagine our life without Jiminy Cricket in it,” Shannon concluded.

Check out the whole story in the video below.