Woman in the 35th week of pregnancy killed by a suspected drunk driver – doctors struggle to save the baby’s life

Aguilar was 35-weeks pregnant when she was hit and killed. Join us in sending all of our prayers to her baby, who is fighting for her life.


The tragic news of the death of a 23-year-old mother-to-be shook the whole country.

Yesenia Lisette Aguilar was in the 35th week of pregnancy when she lost her life after a 40-year-old woman who was believed to be under influence of alcohol lost control over her SUV and hit Aguilar who was walking on the sidewalk with her husband. Reports say that the vehicle mounted the curb and hit the expecting woman.

Her husband performed CPR while he was waiting for help to arrive, but sadly, Aguilar died after she was admitted to the hospital.

Sgt. Shane Carringer of the Anaheim Police Department reported that the incident took place on 13th of August just after 7:30 p.m. on Katella Avenue, near Bayless Street. Further, the department said that the wrongdoer, identified as Courtney Pandolfi who has had two prior DUI arrests, could face murder charges.

Aguilar’s baby girl was delivered through a C-section and is currently at the neonatal care unit where doctors are doing all in their power to save her life. Her condition has been listed critical.

The friends and the relatives of the family have started a GoFoundMe page that will help with the funeral. “We ask you keep Adalyn Rose ( Yesenias daughter) and her family in your prayers,” the page says.

We are deeply saddened by this tragic event. A young life was lost. We pray for the baby girl to pull through.