Woman has had her license plate for 15 years, but now the state says it’s ‘inappropriate’

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Being free-spirited is a trait not everyone is lucky to possess. One of those people who live that way is one mother from New Hampshire named Wendy Auger. This woman works as a bartender and loves making people happy. One thing that she possesses and which always puts a smile on everyone’s face is her vanity plate which reads “PB4WEGO.”

The owners of the vehicles with vanity plates pay extra money to have their own choice of numbers or letters, usually portraying a recognizable phrase, slogan, or abbreviation. Auger did the same. But she didn’t get this plate by chance. In fact, she had hunted it down for years and was waiting for it to finally become available. When it did, after the state expanded the number of characters allowed in its vanity license plates from six to seven, she jumped at the opportunity to buy it.

However, although she has had the funny plate for over 15 years, she is now forced to take it down because the law says so. Apparently, the state governments and their departments of motor vehicles asked from Auger to get rid of the plate because it contains the word “pee” in it, which according to them is a controversial language.

Aguer, on the other hand, says that there is no parent out there who has never told their children “pee before we go” before leaving the house and she doesn’t thing there is any controversy behind the word “pee” as that is simply a body function. What’s most, this mom believes that her right of free speech has been violated and as a result, her case might be covered under the state’s privacy laws.

Those in support of Augus say that the state motto of New Hampshire is “Live Free Or Die,” and Augus is robbed from the opportunity to follow it.

For the outcome of the story go to the video below.

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