It was around two months after a woman named Amy Bright gave birth to her sixth and youngest son that she started experiencing excruciating pain. As this took place back in 2003, Bright, whose baby was delivered at the Naval Hospital Jacksonville via c-section, spent years struggling to walk properly. Over the years, her condition only worsened and she was prescribed a bunch of medications to help her with her pain.

Finally, just last year, doctors managed to discovered what was causing the acute pain and the discomfort thanks to a CT scan which showed a 3 cm-long piece of needle buried in her spine.

It turned out that when she was receiving an epidural during delivery, the needle snapped off and got stuck in her spine, damaging her nerves and leaving her foot and leg partially functional.


“That needle moves inside my spine every time I move, walk, bend, twist, or sleep,” Bright claimed.

“It feels like a poker next to my tailbone, like burning.” She further explained that it occasionally travels down the left side of her calf and into her foot, as reported by WRAL.

“Next to my tailbone, it feels like heat and like a poker. There are times when it shoots down the left side of my calf and into my foot “Bright stated.

Now, with the help of her lawyer Sean Cronin, this mom of six is filing a lawsuit against the federal government, claiming that the needle caused irreversible nerve damage.

“Her medical records show that a failed spinal needle attempt occurred in September 2003 at Naval Hospital Jacksonville. Therefore, no one else inserted a needle in her back,” Cronin claimed.

The problem is that even if the needle is removed, it won’t change things much as the damage is already done.

“It’s now to the stage where it simply burns nonstop. My future makes me terribly anxious,” Bright said. “[My leg] is growing weaker.”

“I’ll probably be using a wheelchair. I’m afraid because I’m not sure.”

“I have no idea what the future holds, I’m terrified and highly suspicious,” the worried mother said.

We hope doctors would be able to ease her life as much as possible.

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