Woman finds perfect ornament for $2 in thrift shop, turns out it is urn with ashes

What an incredible find!


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure they say, and the truth is that we can never know how valuable something that we no longer need can be to somebody else. Well, that is the reason why people do garage sales or shop at second-hand stores.

A woman named Priscilla Bailey of Massachusetts visited the local thrift shop hoping to get some Christmas accessories at a nice price. The thing is that she did find something quite cheap, yet truly special there; an ornament with markings that resembled angels or vikings. Anyway, Bailey believed this $2.99 piece was “really beautiful” and that it would fit her decorations just perfectly. On top of that, she loved the way it caught light where it was hanged.

After inspecting the blue ornament closely using a flashlight, Bailey realized there was something moving inside of it. “It’s small. The two spots in it are small, the size of a golf ball,” she said. 

When she found out the ornament was filled with a powdery substance, she realized it was in fact an urn with someone’s ashes.

And now, no matter how much she loves this unique ornament, she knows it belongs to someone else and is very valuable to them, so she’s doing her best to find the person it belongs to. She and her daughter shared the incredible story in hopes of returning it to its owner.

Who would have thought this woman would end up buying such incredible thing? Please share this story; it may help the urn get its way back home.