Woman discretely dips her hand into her drink, when her nail changes colors she calls 911 This could save your life!

This could save your life!


It’s sad that in this day and age woman have to worry constantly about being “roofied”.  Whether they are on a date or at a party men have taken to slipping “roofies” in females drinks to incapacitate them and then take advantage of them.

Finally enough is enough and women may have a way to protect themselves against the predators they may encounter. This invention is  a huge step when it comes to women’s safety.

A brand new form of nail polish for women has been developed. Woman will wear like any other nail polish but it will assist them when it comes to remaining safe in public places. All women need to do  is simply dip their fingertip into the drink and wait to see if the nail polish changes color.

While this polish has yet to be released for mass distribution, the men are keeping interested observers completely up to date by providing progress reports on their personal website, as well as their Facebook and Instagram. These efforts will also include a transparent form of the nail polish that can also be used by men.

This nail polish is long overdue!  Please be sure to share this with all the amazing woman in your life to keep them safe.