Woman demands a mother and daughter speak English, gets completely ridiculed

They put this rude lady in her place!


Nowadays, although everyone leads a very busy life and follows tight schedules, many people still find the time to stick their noses in someone else’s business. 

Just recently, a woman was caught on tape arguing with a mother and a daughter she stumbled upon in a store because they weren’t speaking English but another language.

People who have seen the video can’t help but wonder why would someone even mind what language people are using in order to communicate between each other. 

America is a free country in which people are entitled to the freedom of speech and are allowed to express their opinions on whatever language they feel most comfortable using. 

The incident took place at Walmart in Appleton, Wisconsin. As the mother and the daughter were engaged into a conversation, this random and quite rude woman appeared in front of them out of the blue and started yelling at them. She could be heard saying, “speak the language,” referring to English.  

The daughter, Jasmine, who later posted the video of the incident on her Facebook page, and her mom were not harming anyone. They could speak English because they both know the language but opted to use their native language, Hmong, because the mother was more comfortable speaking it. 

After they told the woman that they were allowed to speak whatever language they wanted, she got even madder. She didn’t know what to reply so she said something that sounded very confusing. Her exact words were, “I guess it’s, like, because, it’s just kinda like, ok, you don’t know what, not that it’s any of your business.”

Honestly, with such poor language skills, she isn’t really eligible to tell others how to speak. 

Jasmine tried being reasonable and told the woman that according to her logic, she should be speaking Hmong if she ever visits her native land to what the woman replied how she took some Spanish classes before she went to Mexico once. Trying to defend her point, she even counted to 10 in Spanish. 

Both Jasmine and her mother felt humiliated and required the woman stop making racist comments. She replied that asking them to speak English wasn’t racist at all after she simply walked away.  

The video of the unpleasant encounter got more than a million views and people said how Jasmine and her mother did the right thing by not getting into conflict with the woman who attacked them verbally. They were calm and polite, which couldn’t be said for that woman. 

We are glad the video was shared on the social media because it’s one of the ways through which we can raise awareness of the negative effect racism has on people.

You can take a look at it below.