While sitting on a bench, they noticed a strange little creature completely covered in fur

My sister was in the park with her baby and the two other children when one of them found a small and completely FUR COVERED animal. When she realized what it was, she started screaming! It is incredible what it was and from what tragedy she saved her children.


Going out in nature with young children is always a good idea, but the truth is that parents need to be very cautious of insects, such as ticks, that can easily hurt the little ones.

Leslie Howe, a mother of three, took her children to the Gwinnett County Park. It was a sunny day and going out seemed like a great idea. The kids had lots of fun. As they were running around, they noticed a strange little creature. It was unlike anything they had seen until then. Curious to learn more about the furry insect, they approached closer. However, as they were getting ready to inspect it and touch it, Leslie yelled at them not to do it.

Little did she know that she saved them from an ordeal.

The furry creature happened to be a pus caterpillar, one of the most venomous caterpillars in the U.S. If they touch it, people experience excruciating pain. There are reports of individuals who got into contact with it when they felt the urge to pet it, and others said it simply fell on them from a tree.

According to National Geographic, “the outer comb-over of the puss caterpillars hides small, extremely toxic spines that stick in your skin.”

Some of the symptoms people who have touched this insect experienced are severe nausea and excessive sweating.

Next time you are at the park, make sure you stay out of the way of this tiny insect if you stumble upon it.

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