Passenger refused to move her bag on the subway, so a stranger taught her a lesson

She refused to move her bag on the subway, so a stranger taught her a lesson.


A woman on a NJT Transit North East Corridor train caused a 25 minute delay because she refused to move her bag from the adjacent seat. As many of the passengers struggled to find a seat on the crowded train, the femspreading passenger made them angry. Many tried to confront her because of her behavior, but she wouldn’t listen.

“If you remove her, we would have an additional seat to spare,” one of the passengers from the back of the train could be heard yelling.

With her earphones on, she acted like she’s too classy for public transportation while using it and held to the belief that the seat next to her was her personal space.

Everyone who has seen the video of this woman’s rude behavior has condemned it big way. One person wrote, “She clearly knows she’s doing something wrong after the first few warnings but she decides to keep her purse there out of pure pride and stubborness. She’s embarrassed and wants to stand her ground. I hate these kinds of people.”

There was also an officer on board. As everyone forced him to do something about the entitled passenger, his patience started running out and he eventually moved her out.

Assuming there are no seats available because everyone has put their bag on a seat would lead to a total chaos, especially during rush hour.

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