While cleaning the beach with his friends, an 11-year-old receives a wonderful surprise – you’ll never guess what!

11-years-old boy found this strange object on the beach, he had never seen anything like it before and took it home to see what was in it, but he froze when he cut it with scissors and looked better. Many believe it is not possible.


Serina, a Taiwanese student, was having a blast with her friends on Ishigaki island. In order to preserve the memories of that special day, she used a waterproof camera while scuba-diving. The camera also had a protective cover, but at one point, as Serina noticed one of her friends was in need of help following an emergency with the oxygen tank, she somehow dropped her camera.

Once she made sure her friend was safe and sound, Serina tried looking for the camera but it was nowhere to be seen. Of course, she never thought that some day, she would have it back again, but that is exactly what happened.

A group of students were cleaning the beach one day as part of a school project when they found something that resembled a strangely shaped rock. Once they took it in their hands, they realized it was a camera.

The biggest surprise was that the gadget, which was obviously lost at sea and dragged to the shore, was still working. It even had enough battery for them to turn it on and try to figure out who it belonged to.

In order to track the owner down, the teacher told the students to post some of the photos from the camera online. A bunch of shares later, Serina spotted the photographs and she could’t believe her eyes.

She was quick to contact the students and the teacher in order to inform them that the camera belonged to her.

The thing is that in order to get her gadget back, this young woman would need to travel from Japan to Taiwan. That means that the camera was carried by the waves more than 200 kilometers to a safe shore.

Isn’t this amazing?

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