Watch this emotional reunion between two circus elephants that hadn’t seen each other in 22 years

I guess it's true when they say that 'an elephant never forgets.'


Being part of the circus is a traumatizing experience for any animal. As people enjoy watching lions, bears, elephants and other poor creatures perform different acts, they don’t really think of the struggles the animals go through. 

Jenny and Shirley are two elephants who played at the circus together. Over time, the two became inseparable and would spend lots of time hanging around. Of, course, whenever they were allowed to.

At the time they met, Jenny was just a baby, while Shirley was around 20 years old. Eventually, they were taken out of the circus and haven’t seen each other for more than 22 years. 

Everyone thought when the reunion would take place, the two elephants wouldn’t even recognize each other. But they were wrong! 

As they got close to one another and realized their friend stands opposite of them, their eyes sparkled. It was as though they never spent a day apart. 

The staff at The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee were amazed by the animals’ reaction. Luckily, they got to spend six years together before Jenny passed away. 

This story is just another example that animals should be let to live and bond in their natural habitats. They don’t belong neither at zoos nor circuses. 

Take a look at Jenny and Shirley in the video below.