Stranger hands mom note on train after her son falls asleep praising her for her parenting

Once she read the words written on that piece of paper, she couldn't contain her tears.


Bringing up little ones is a hard time, between the tantrums and the crying and screaming that naturally occurs when they test how far they can go, even a little arguing as they grow up is all in with the growing up deal!

A child making a scene is for sure what no one wants to deal with in public though. In this case, a young single mom from England called Sammie Welch, learned very fast that keeping her little boy occupied is the very best method to avoid all the problems and the frustration!

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Sammie with her three years old son Rylan at her side and a stranger right next to her, absolutely did her best to keep her little boy occupied during the long train ride. She didn’t want Rylan being naughty or having a temper tantrum during the journey.

To make the best of the situation Sammie played games with her little boy and asked him about his day and even gave him a quiet little lesson about manners in public and especially on places like the train!

In fact, the more they chatted together the more comfortable they were together and relaxed. He was an absolute little angel thanks to his mom’s actions!

Before the train reached her stop the guy next to her got up to leave the train, but as he got up he handed her something, it was a moment before Sammie realized what it was, it was a note wrapped around a five-pound note!!

Quietly she read the note to herself:

“Have a drink on me, you’re a credit to your generation, polite and teaching the little boy good manners.”

The guy had also written in the back of the note too!

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The lovely word he had written on the back of the note was:

“P.S. I have a daughter your age, someone did the same for her once. Hope when she has children she is as good a mother as you.”

It was such a lovely note and a great compliment too, the best compliment anyone could give to Sammie, she really pours her heart and soul into raising her little boy, and the note made her feel completely awesome!

Sammie broke into tears; such was her emotional response to the letter she read. She felt so inspired by the note and the kind gesture by this guy she didn’t know. She didn’t want this guy’s kind actions to go without thanks!

She posted to Facebook with photos of the note and even asked local newspapers to help her find him to say thanks. Her determination paid off and finally, she found him.

The wonderful stranger was Ken Saunders, 50-year-old, who worked as a project manager, and as his note had said he was a father to a woman about Sammie’s age too!

It was super lucky that Ken saw in his newspaper, one glorious morning, the story about his note, he asked the paper to put Sammie and him in touch with each other!

He described to the newspaper that moment when he realized that this small action in his note and the small gift of money mean something so big to single mothers!

He said:

“I just couldn’t believe it. There was this massive story. It was quite surreal and I texted my daughter Romani to warn her I’d done something embarrassing yet again.”

Sammie, Rylan, and Ken were at last reunited, Sammie had the chance to say thank you properly and she could explain in her own words.

She said:

“I worry I’m not doing a good job with Rylan all the time – all the time. I worry, am I too hard on him? Am I too soft on him? I try so hard to get it right. So for someone to say I’m doing a good job means everything.”

Ken just showed us all that even a tiny little gesture can have a lasting and profound effect on someone. Sammie feels confident about her parenting with Rylan, something that most mothers really strive hard to achieve.


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