Video of one-year-old girl showing her “mad face” takes the Internet by storm

She's so freaking cute, even with her "mad" face!


When I think of cuteness, images of sweet little babies just pop up in my head. Honestly, there’s nothing that can cheer you up and make your day as videos of tiny creatures doing all sorts of unique facial expressions and mumbling words most of us don’t even understand.

Emani is a one-year-old girl who stole the hearts of millions of Internet users. Not only she’s adorable beyond words, but she’s quite intelligent for her age and understand just perfectly what her mom is asking from her. This time, mommy says, “show me your mad face,” and Emani does it in an instant. Mom bursts out laughing and the cute girl smiles along, happy she cheered her mommy up.

“Are we not going to talk about the fact that she seems to be under 2, but understand perfectly what is being asked of her?” one person wrote. “She can’t hold the mad face because her sweet, innocent baby-ness oozes out and reclaims her…She is gorgeous!” another added.

Everyone agrees Emani is a little wonder and an actress in the making. “The Oscar goes to the Baby showing her mad face,” someone said, and we can’t agree more.

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