Veteran can’t afford to pay for his groceries, people step in for him and we are deeply touched by their reactions

Faith in humanity: Restored!


San Antonio, Texas has one of the nation’s largest military populations so the phrase “thank you for your service” can often be heard around the city.

The veterans are those people that we owe our freedom to, so it’s not rare that many of us could be heard saying how we support the military. But how is it that we offer this support that we talk of very often?

What Would You Do? ran a social experiment that was about to show how people react when members of the military are unable to pay for their groceries as their cards gets declined. Ryan is an actor who is playing a veteran and Lorraine is playing the cashier at a market. While she’s speaking to Ryan, she mentions how he served in the military and has a baby at home. In the next moment, she tells him how he’s short in cash and waits for the reactions of those waiting in queue.


The quick reactions of the customers and their willingness to step in for this veteran in need gives us hope that things are probably better than we all thought.

Some of these people can barely afford to pay for their own groceries, but they are still helping Ryan.

This video is very touching, it will bring you to tears. Please share it with your family and friends.