Two years after funeral, a grieving man spots his wife and son

Two years after their funeral, a grieving man sees a woman that looks like his wife. When he set to confront her, he was shocked beyond belief.


Chester and Amy were a couple, and once she fell pregnant, they decided to tie the knot. Their life seemed picture perfect, but when little Max was born, Chester started working late hours with the excuse that he was doing that for the sake of the family.

Time passed by, and Chester was absent from home more and more. He found little time for his wife and children and although that bothered Amy, there was nothing she could do.

One day, Amy told Chester that she and Max would go visit her mother. She packed their bags and left the house. Some time later, Chester got a call from Amy’s mom. He picked up the phone never assuming that the news he was about to hear would crash his world.

“Chester! Chester! You need to come here right now!” Amy’s mom said over the phone. Chester asked if there was something wrong, to what she replied: “Amy and Max… They died. Their car crashed before they could reach my house.”

Chester was left in complete shock. He rushed to book a flight, but every airline was sold out. When he finally arrived to where Amy’s mother lived, she told him that Amy and Max were cremated.

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Chester was grieving for some time, but he then decided it was time to move on and invited a woman named Cynthia to move in with him. In fact, Cynthia was his lover. When he was telling his wife that he was working late, he was in fact with his mistress.

But Cynthia wasn’t like Amy. For her, it was all about having fun and going out. She clearly told Chester that she didn’t want a family because she didn’t want to be a mother, ever.

One day, she decided to take Chester to a trip, and she chose the city where Amy’s mother lived. He told her that it would be a painful experience, but Cynthia insisted. “Oh, come on, sweetheart,” she told him. “I won’t give you any time or space to dwell on the past. Let’s get together and have a blast!”

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After two days at the city, Cynthia started feeling unwell. Chester got worried and took her to the hospital. While waiting, he decided to take a walk and that’s when he experienced the shock of a lifetime. He spotted a woman resembling his late wife. But how could it be? Still, he decided to call Amy’s name and that’s when the woman turned around. It was Amy, and Chester couldn’t believe his eyes.

He was totally stunned. That’s when Amy told him that she faked her death because one day, a woman came to the house and told her she was his lover. She also claimed she was carrying his child. It was Cynthia.

Amy said that she tried confronting him, but he was never home and he never had time to talk.

Amy remarried and had another child. As he was talking to her, Cynthia called him and told him she felt unwell because she was pregnant, but she didn’t want the child.

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She ruined his life and she now wanted to abort the baby. Chester was crushed. He knew he made a mistake when he got involved with this woman, but it was already to late for anything to be fixed.

He decided to leave Cynthia and return to his hometown all by himself.

This story teaches us that we should always put our family first.

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