Two brothers, aged 5 and 7, found living with their mom’s dead body for a week

Police found the brothers after a week of living alone.


Two brothers, aged 5 and 7, spent a whole week locked inside their home with their mom’s dead body.

Connie Taylor, 71, was the adoptive mother of the young boys and neighbors said the adoption was only finalized a month before she passed away. Apparently, the woman died of natural causes and collapsed in front of the kids. They tried calling for help, but her phone was locked so they failed to alert 911 of the tragedy.

The boys were only found after one of their teachers got worried and called the police telling them how the brothers didn’t show up at school for a week and no one was answering the phone or called the school.

Connie was described as a loving mother who loved her kids very much. At the moment, the boys are under the care of Connie’s adult biological children.

The tragedy took place in Talty, Kaufman County.

We are very sorry for the loss and we hope the boys will be able to overcome the trauma they faced.

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