Twins have their first conversation, and the adorable video’s been watched over 21 million times

It's like they have their own special language!


Having a twin is a true blessing, to say the least. The bond between these siblings starts long before they are born, and many twins agree that sharing passion and love for the same things, clothes, and activities is more common than we think. And as twins come to this world with a built-in best friend, it’s fair to say that they are more privileged than the rest of us. 

Science says how twins know if their sibling is sad or upset and are able to feel both their happiness and pain. Some call that “twintuition,” and apparently that’s a thing in the twins’ world. Wow, how cool is that? 

One of the most famous twins we know of are actresses Mary Kate and Asley Olsen. They not only share same parents, but used to shared the set of the sitcom Full House. They would take turns filming scenes without the audience even realizing there are two girls playing the same character. 

Although twins are sometimes referred to as ‘little peas in a pod,’ it doesn’t necessarily mean they are completely the same especially when it comes to their character. So even if you are well aware what one of them loves, never buy gifts or make assumptions for the other one based on that. 

What is truly interesting about twins is that some of them are believed to communicate with each other using their own made-up language. So, in case they understand each other using strange words, sounds, and gestures and you don’t seem to be able to figure the meanings out it’s because you are simply not part of their tiny twin gang. 

Merle and Stijn are adorable twins that are able to chew the rag even though they are just a couple of weeks old. 

I bet you haven’t seen anything more adorable than these two in a long time. They just can’t stop laughing, and it looks as though they are telling each other jokes that only they understand. 

This truly is the ultimate level of cuteness, don’t you think so?

It’s awesome how they love ‘talking’ to each other even before they learned how to speak. Merle and Stinj are a brother and a sister and fall into the fraternal category, which means they are not identical, but that doesn’t lessen the strength of their bond. 

Judging from their expressions and the happiness they feel while they are around one another, we are sure they will grow to be best friends.  

Make sure you check the video of the lovely conversation out. Oh, it will melt your heart.