Twin soldiers surprise little brother at school

Their 8-year-old brother had no idea his twin brothers arrived home for a break. They walked into his classroom and got a reaction they didn't see coming. Thankfully the cameras were rolling to capture it - and don't miss what his shirt says.


Being deployed means being away from your family and many times missing lots of important events such as birthdays, weddings, and gatherings. Military members love their job so much that they simply learn how to come to terms with these types of drawbacks their profession imposes on them. What gives them strength to endure those long months of deployment is the joy that the reunions bring. Yes, every member of the army awaits those encounters with their family and friends with anticipation.

An eight-year old boy from Stewartville, Minnesota knows what is feels like to be away from someone you love. His two twin brothers are in the army and this young gentleman misses them really badly. There is no one he can have fun with while at home, no one to prank him and tell him jokes. He would spend every minute of every day around his big heroes, and now he feels lonely and is looking forward to their next meeting. But what he doesn’t know is that the reunion will take place sooner than he expected.

The brothers got a permission to get home for the holidays and both of them though it would be great if they keep it a secret from their little brother and give him the surprise of his life. They did tell their parents about the arrival, and got some help from the school staff too.

The boy was at school and never in his wildest dreams could he imagine the day would turn into one he would never forget. As the brothers and their mother arrived at the school, they headed towards the boy’s classroom. The mother made sure she got everything on tape as she was certain this reunion would be something the siblings would cherish forever. One of the brothers opened the door and the teacher said, “Look, who’s here!” That’s when all the students turned their heads around, including the boy. His soldier brother greeted him with the words, “Hi buddy.” The boy couldn’t contain his excitement and rushed towards his big brother and gave him a big hug. He couldn’t get off his arms when the other soldier entered and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll just wait my turn.”

People are taking their time to comment how these brothers’ reunion is the best and sweetest thing they’ve seen. It’s touching and emotional, and reminds us about the importance of the family.

The boy’s classmates were also surprised and a bit shocked, but they say how they loved the surprise and are happy for their friend who got to see his brothers after so long.

You can take a look at the emotional moment in the video below. You may have to grab some tissues, just in case you start crying as we did.