Trophy hunter who targeted elephants and lions gets eaten by crocodiles during a hunting trip to Zimbabwe

Many described this trophy hunter's death as "karma at its finest."


Killing innocent animals for fun is the ultimate act of cruelty demonstrated by humans towards the rest of the living creatures inhabiting the planet. Yet, there are a number of trophy hunters who are guilty of bringing many species on the brink of extinction. What’s most, this “sport” is not even illegal in most countries, on the contrary, governments get enormous amounts of money for letting animals like lions, elephants, cheetahs and giraffes killed.

Scott Van Zyl was a trophy hunter who took rich clients on big game hunts. What happened to him during his final hunting trip to Zimbabwe in 2017 was described by many as “karma at its finest.”


Van Zyl, along with his dogs, went to hunt crocodiles. However, after some time, his tracker dogs returned without him and his friends assumed something turned wrong during the hunting. And their assumptions turned out to be true.

Namely, Van Zyl’s footprints were spotted near a river bank and an investigation was launched. It was later confirmed that Van Zyl was eaten by the crocodiles after remains were identified as his through DNA tests.


Many argued how this unfortunate man got what he deserved.

One Green Planet were among those who highlighted the risks hunters are exposed to while taking the life of innocent animals. “Let’s be honest, Zyl shouldn’t have been hunting in the first place,” they wrote. “We have to ask ourselves if the ‘thrill of the hunt’ is really worth risking your own life – while deliberately taking others.”