Toddler sings “Old MacDonald” and we are all smiles

What an adorable little lady she is.


Whether you like singing them or you find them annoying at times, one thing about nursery rhymes is that they are addictive. The melody stays with you even hours after you heard it, and you can’t help by hum it. That is why little children love listening to these cute songs that much, but most importantly, they enjoy singing them too.

The girl from the video below is giving an incredibly adorable performance of everyone’s all time favorite Old MacDonald. This famous farmer who has a farm filled with a bunch of different animals who produce different sounds is likely the most famous farmer there is, don’t you agree?

Source: YouTube

Josie, who was just 2 years old when this video was taken, melted the hearts of millions of people, or 13.6 millions to be exact. Yes, that many people have seen Josie and her animal toys who join her in her performance.

As cute as she is, she starts the song holding animal puppets and showing them off one by one. The first animal that comes to her mind is the pig, or as she calls it until she guesses it right, the pink. When the ee I ee I o part comes, Josie puts a huge smile on her face and gets even more adorable.

“And on his farm, he had a little cat, ee I ee I oh, with a meow meow there and a meow meow there,” she goes on.

Source: YouTube

Her daddy finds all this so cute that he can’t help by laugh at what his daughter has to offer. The best part comes at the very end when he asks her what the song was all about and she answers: “Umm, piggy, and cow, and piggy, and little duck, little doggie, little cat.”

Source: YouTube

Take a look at Josie in the video below, isn’t she the cutest?