Toddler Performs With Brass Band In New Orleans

I loved this so much I had to watch it again. ❤


I don’t think there is anyone out there who doesn’t appreciate good music. Many times, even if we are not in the mood of singing or dancing, we find ourselves lightly moving around in the rhythm or mumbling the lyrics once our favorite song comes along. 

Take this lovely boy for example. He got into his role of a musician so much that he managed to put huge grin on the onlookers’ faces. Looking at him rolling will melt your heart. The band is more than happy to let him join them in. 



Little Boone and his mommy Stefanie are from Pensacola, Florida but they were taking a trip to New Orleans where they stumbled upon the performance by the band of jazz musicians who are well known to the New Orleans residents. “Where Ya At Brass Band” got together back in 2010 and are making the crowd happy ever since. They performed at the 2014 NBA All-Star Game, the 2013 Texas Music Festival, and the 2016 Jazz Musical Press Conference. 

The Jackson Square was the place where all the fun was that day. 



Passersby were stopping to enjoy the incredible sound coming from the square, but none could imagine that the show they were putting on will become even more entertaining with another member joining in. 

Cute Boone was holding in his tiny hands an object resembling a trumpet and confidently started “playing” on it as he approached the band members. They accepted the boy with a smile and were glad he decided to add to the fun. 

One of the musicians squatted behind Boone while blowing his trumpet and that made the boy swaying his hips while blowing his “trumpet.”

Everyone enjoyed the sight, including Stefanie who couldn’t hold her laughter back. She was so proud of her son. He didn’t mind performing in front of an audience, and acted as though he had done it countless of times before. 

One of the people who witnessed the cute performance recorded it and posted it on YouTube. 



The crowd couldn’t stop clapping as the band let Boone steal the show by putting him in the limelight. After a while, Stefanie thought it was enough “playing” for that day so they both thanked the band members and left. 

As they were leaving the square, Boone didn’t stop “playing his trumpet.”

Everyone agrees that this toddler is one-of-a-kind. Not every child his age has the courage to stand in front of a bunch of people and pretend to play the instrument. He is a real star in the making.