Three-year-old girl who had spent over 700 days in the hospital owing to a heart abnormality has passed away

Rest in peace, little one.


Baby Valentina Garnetti gained national attention after her mother, Francesca, a single mom of three, shared her life story and asked for prayers for her little one.

Since the moment she was welcomed into the world, Valentina was diagnosed with congenital cardiac abnormality. As a result, she spent her entire life at the hospital, around 700 whole days, to be exact.

Once Franceska opened up about her baby’s struggles on the social media, everyone learned of Valentina and millions of people prayed that she is cured and home with her mom and siblings.

Over the three and a half years, this little angel endured numerous treatments and four open heart surgeries. And if this wasn’t painful enough, she also experienced strokes, epilepsy attacks, and allergic responses.

Finally, in April of 2021, for the first time ever, Valentina was discharged from the University of Michigan’s CS Mott Children’s Hospital.

After her third surgery, her mom took to Facebook to share that her girl ‘was really unwell.’

Ever since her birth, she spent all her birthdays and happy moments at the hospital, and now that she was home, she was still forced to use oxygen, a feeding tube, and a bunch of medicine.  “She’s not only here, but she’s also happy and flourishing,” Francesca said. “She has a great attitude about life.”

On July 16, Francesca made an urgent appeal for prayers as her child wasn’t fine and stopped breathing all of a sudden. Until paramedics arrived, she performed CPR on her baby girl. Unfortunately, when they finally arrived, they said there was nothing to be done. Valentina was dead.

Francesca said she was aware of that as she could hear her daughter taking her final breath while she was in her grandmother’s arms.

“My daughter battled so hard for so long, and her body was simply weary.”

The devastated mother said that her girl is now “healthy in paradise with a heart that is no longer damaged, and she can run, walk, speak, eat and do all the things that she enjoyed seeing other people do.”

Are thoughts and prayers are with the family during these difficult times of grief.

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