They adopted Joy, a pit bull, from an animal shelter and then whole globe was surprised by what the dog did

The family dog, a pit bull mix jumped over the 10-year-old boy in the bathtub, biting his head and hands. When the mother went into the bathroom and saw the whole scene, she immediately called 911.


It’s really amazing how animals can sense when someone’s in trouble. This is especially true for dogs, who possess this ability of detecting subtle changes in the mood of their owners and those around them. That is the reason why these noble creatures make great service animals who assist people with disabilities.

When one family adopted a dog, Joy, little did they know it would be the best decision they had ever made.

Being rescued from a shelter, Joy paid this family back by saving the life of one of them.

Namely, the family’s children, Emily, 6, and Jonas, 10, has fallen in love with Joy so much that they did everything together. From hiking and taking long walks, to sleeping together at night.

One day, Jonas told his mom that he would be taking a bath at the upstairs bathroom while the rest of the family stayed backyards.

At one moment, the mom heard strange noises coming from the house. Concerned that something could have happened to her son, she rushed upstairs and saw Jonas unconscious with his feet dangling over the bathtub’s edge while Joy was trying to free him by pulling his feet and hair in an effort to free him.

Jonah had a heart attack and passed out in the bathtub. When Joy sensed something was wrong, she rushed inside the bathroom.

Luckily, thanks to Joy, Jonas didn’t drown. He was taken to hospital where he received medical help.

“Without Joy, I wouldn’t want to consider what could possibly happen to Jonas. My boy’s life was saved by Joy, and we will always be thankful. He will undoubtedly be rewarded with a lot of steaks,” stated his mum.

Thanks to Joy, a life was saved that day.

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