These absolutely identical triplets are already 7 years old: how handsome they look and grow

Roman, Roan, and, Rocco captured many people's hearts the moment they were welcomed into the world.


Roman, Roan, and, Rocco captured many people’s hearts the moment they were welcomed into the world. Having had an older sister, these identical triplets made their mom and dad feel overwhelmed, but the thought of a large family was an adorable one, despite the effort it takes to raise four children.

These triplets made headlines and were featured in magazines from the moment they were born. Their birth stunned many, because identical triplets are born once in 200 million.

Realizing how many people were interested to see what life is like raising triplets who resemble one another so much that it is very hard to tell who is who, their mom decided to document their days on her blog on social media.

In no time, they attracted many followers who enjoyed watching the three brothers and their older sister have fun each and every day.

Roman, Roan, and Rocco were offered cooperation with a number of clothing brands and toy stores, so it’s safe to say that they childhood is a fulfilling one.

Today, the boys are seven years old and they still look exactly the same, but now, their family and friends don’t have a hard time distinguishing them because they have very different characters.

Roman is a born leader. He is the first one to arrive in the world, so he’s the oldest, although for a few minutes only.

Roan, on the other hand, has a very thoughtful approach to everything he does. Before he does something, he first things over the pros and cons several times.

The youngest one, Rocco, is a perpetual motion machine and the main bully in the family who is always looking forward to a new adventure.

The boys live together with their mom and sister, while the father left the family home while the triplets were still young because he felt stressed and lacked sleep. The mom says she doesn’t hold a grudge against her now ex-husband and doesn’t expect any help from him.

We wish this beautiful family the best life brings.

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