The woman who identifies as a dog: Embracing her true self

The woman who identifies as a dog explains why she does it.


These days, it is not uncommon for people to have a wide range of identities, including identifying with non-human beings or entities. And no matter how strange this sounds to many, these individuals do believe they should have been born as other people, different gender, or even animals.

Appearing on KIIS FM’s The Kyle & Jackie O Show, Meow, an American woman, shared fascinating details about her everyday life as a canine.

During her interview, Meow provided insight into her unique lifestyle, explaining that she sleeps in a crate, enjoys dog treats, and relies on her handlers for care.

“I have pastel blankets and pastel pillows in there, something about being in a confined space, I don’t know if it makes me feel safe from the world or makes me feel like the world is safe from me but it feels comfort for sure!” she said.

“It can fit me, the rule of thumb with a dog is that if they can stand up in it, then it’s big enough for them, so as long as I’m on all fours standing up.”

Meow, who believes she’s a Dalmatian, is also a well-known star on social media platforms like Twitch. She fully embraces her dog-like characteristics, occasionally barking and moving on all fours.

Her crate is the place where she feels secure and comfortable and is decorated with a bunch of pillows and blankets that make it a cozy place.

Meow isn’t in a relationship, but she does have ‘handlers’ who act like her boyfriends. She also considers them friends who help her with various tasks, such as going on walks and practicing training exercises. Her relationship with them is non-sexual, but they share similar interests.

When it comes to her diet, Meow does eat normal food such as shredded chicken and jerky, but also dog treats such as biscuits.

Meow doesn’t really care what people think of her lifestyle as she confidently focuses on living out her dog identity.

On Instagram, under the username meowdalyn, her online presence provides a peek into her remarkable lifestyle, attracting a following of more than 11,000 individuals.

Meow’s story is a poignant testament of the ways individuals opt to manifest their innermost selves. It is also a testament to the significance of embracing authenticity, irrespective of societal norms or expectations.

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