The Incredibly Mesmerizing Tap Routine Fred Astaire Said Was His Best With Ginger Rogers

This pair made it look so effortless.


The names of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers spark elegance, flawlessness, and unflagging energy. This incredible screen duo fitted together so perfectly that the harmony they were able to achieve is unique and unmeasured. So, it doesn’t really come as a surprise that the two are regarded one of the most beloved pairs in the history of film. 

They were first paired back in 1933 for the RKO Radio Pictures production Flying Down to Rio. 

Many agree that out of all the dance couples we know of, Fred and Ginger are the only one who were able to express so many moods of love and talent all at once. They were always equal. None of them ever tried to out stand the other in any way. 

The magic their energy and skills brought to the world can’t be compared to anything. 

Whenever they danced together, we would get the feeling that they fell for one another over and over again. 

Before they would even touch the court, they would look at each other in a way we all admired. 

Even from the start, the bond between Fred and Ginger was a special one.  

Take a look at this particular routine. Seeing Fred tapping Ginger’s chin and laugh in an adorable manner keeps winning our hearts although it’s been years since this performance took place. 

Fred admitted once in a voice over how he recalls every single dance he and Ginger had together and said their last one was the best. 

Isn’t it amazing when one gets to do for a living what they love most and what makes them happy?

A tap dance of this kind and this level of perfection takes a lot of stamina and many hours of practice, but knowing it will make you the best duo ever known is all worth it. 

The best part of all is their excitement and the smiles on their faces throughout the whole thing.

“Their last film together after a 10 year break. Still the intimacy is there in the tapping in each others space without concern or fear. In fact they act as if they relish the moment,” one person wrote. Well, we can’t agree more. 

Compared to modern times, back in the days one had to be extremely talented in order to make a name for themselves, and Fred and Ginger did exactly that. 

Tapping to the rhythm and the melody, this video is so fascinating that we can’t stop watching it. 

It’s been said how Fred’s dancing on the screen always took just a single shot. No special effects, and no need doing things twice. 

These two have lifted tap dancing to a whole new level centuries ago and are still considered to be the best of the best.

Enjoy the video below. We are sure you’ll watch it more than once.