Teens chip in to buy best gift for friend with special needs on his birthday

Teens chip in to buy best gift for friend with special needs on his birthday (VIDEO). What an awesome gift for their friend!


Having true friends in your life is a blessing.

25- year-old Ty Burningham of Davis County, Utah, is one lucky man. Why you may wonder. Well, it’s because he plenty of friends and is loved by everyone in the community.

The thing is that Ty has special needs, but that doesn’t prevent him from bringing joy whenever he goes.

Those who know him describe him as a chatty young man who is friendly to everyone he meets.


Among his friends are local teens Maddie Weger and Hunter Garrett, who have just graduated from Davis High School. Speaking of Ty, they say they enjoy his company and love spending time with him.

“He’s just so friendly to everyone,” Maddie told KSL. “Like my mom met him in Bowman’s once, and he came over and talked to her for like 30 minutes.”

“He’s got that personality where it’s like, you see him, you just can’t not smile, you know?” Hunter added. “He just lights up a room everywhere he is.”


In order to show him how special he is to them and to the community, the two young man, together with eight other friends, decided to surprise Ty for his birthday with a brand new electric scooter. He does drive his old scooter around, and it was just the time for a new one.

When he saw what they did for him, Ty said, “Aw, sweet!”

With a huge grin on his face, he couldn’t wait to try the scooter.


As of his friends, they said it was the least they could do for their special buddy.

“It’s not that big, but Ty, we just love him,” Raef Thomas, one of the teens, said.


This surprise was well deserved for everything Ty does for the people from the neighborhood every single day.

To learn more of this inspiring story and to see Ty’s reaction go to the video below.

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