Homeless dog keeps sneaking into nursing home, and the end result is just precious!

He just kept coming back! Homeless dog keeps sneaking into nursing home, and the end result is just precious!


One morning, the residents of a nursing home were stunned by the sight of a dog curled up on a couch.

It turned out that the sweet animal belonged to the local animal shelter, but somehow, it managed to leave the place and sneak into the nursing home.

Despite the numerous attempts to get it back to the shelter, the dog always found a way to return to the nursing home. Somehow, it was like it knew it belonged there.


The bond between the animal and the residents became strong over time, so the administrator of the facility, Marna Robertson, decided to take matters in her own hands and give it a permanent home.

The dog, who was named Scout, was officially adopted by the nursing home. The effect of Scout becoming part of the facility was immediate. The residents were happy to have him around and spent plenty of time petting him and spending time with him.

As playful as he has been, Scout changed the lives of those around him by providing them with affection and comfort.


What stunned many was Scout’s ability to sense when someone was nearing the end of their lives. In those cases, he would snuggle up next to them and would sleep either on their bed or somewhere near them.

The story of Scout has spread around and touched the hearts of many. But he didn’t only change his life and those of the residents, but of the rest of the animals at the shelter as well.

The nurses at the facility organized a fundraiser in Scout’s honor and managed to raise hundreds of dollars for the animal shelter.


How Scout ended up at the animal shelter in the first place is still unknown. He could be a stray dog, or someone who used to have an owner. What is known, however, is that he finally found a home and purpose.

Scout’s story is a reminder that sometimes, we end just where we belong.

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