Teen sisters killed in a car crash – one sends a heartbreaking text before she died

Just hours before the crash in which two sisters lost their lives one of them had sent a text message to a friend saying "I'm going to die tonight".


No parent should ever suffer the loss of their children. Sadly for the Alexander family, they lost their both daughters in a devastating car crash that took place near their home in Port Hills, New Zealand. 

When Jason Alexander got the call that night, his heart tore apart. His 17-year-old daughter Tayla died right away, and 15-year-old Sunmara was critically injured and was fighting for her life. 

The car was driven by a 19-year-old man and just hours before the vehicle crashed and was set on fire, Tayla sent her friend a chilling text message saying she would die that night. 

“Bro, I’m gonna die tonight,” the text read, according to Stuff.co.uk.

Mournfully, Sunmara had severe burns and succumbed to the injuries on December 31, the day of her birthday. 

Stuff.co.uk wrote how Tayla sent a follow up text message to the same friend writing, “I’ve never been driven around the Port Hills so fast before.”

The family couldn’t believe what had happened. Two lives were lost, and Jason was both heartbroken and angry. 

“I can imagine obviously that my girls were scared, but anger’s not going to solve anything and [the driver] still a kid himself. He had two beautiful girls in the car and he was just showing off.

‘Everything just got taken away from me’

“I forgive him, he’s just young himself. Being angry or bringing hate into it isn’t going to change anything, it isn’t going to bring Tayla and Sunmara back.”

“My whole life just got ripped out from under me, everything just got taken away from me in one night,” this father added. 

“I had to watch my other daughter die in front of my eyes … I’m gutted.”

He now hopes the road where his girls died would be made safer so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else. 

“Sunmara suffered so much, but hopefully not in vain. I would love to see that road sorted and more barriers up.”

This is such a tragic incident. We are deeply saddened by the loss of the Alexander family.