“All gave some, Some gave all!” Our military men and women are the reason why we all get to live the way we do, freely. These brave people fought and many died to protect our nation and we can never thank them enough for their sacrifice.

One teen from Illinois, Aubrey Headon, paid tribute to 25 fallen soldiers, members of the 3rd Battalion, in a very meaningful and touching way. This girl designed and crafted her prom dress all by her self and although it looks normal from afar, it is everything but ordinary.

YouTube: Inside Edition

The dress has red and white ribbons with the names of the fallen soldiers printed on them.

One of the ribbons is black and is dedicated to the teen’s friend Tyler Smith who drowned and was part of the Illinois Army National Guard. Smith was also a former student at Aubrey’s school, Rochelle Township High School in Rochelle, Illinois.

YouTube: Inside Edition

Aubrey spent two years making her dress and she was inspired to create it after she met Gretchen Catherwood, mother of a fallen soldier. Gretchen founded the Darkhorse Lodge, an organization that helps combat veterans, and Audrey was so fascinated with this grieving mother’s work that she felt she should contribute in honoring the heroes herself.

Speaking to Inside Edition, the young lady said, “I don’t want them to fade into nothing.”

Aubrey’s dress resembles the American flag and everyone who has seen it is fascinated by the way it looks and the story it tells. “That’s one beautifully thought out dress. Thank you for respecting the fallen on a special day for you ♡,” one person wrote. “She truly understands where her freedom comes from,” someone else added. Many agree Aubrey is a true patriot and that more young people should be like her and show their respect whenever possible.

Take a look at Aubrey’s dress and story in the video below. She truly is an awesome young lady.