Little girl cuts off her hair, the reason why makes everyone laugh

Her reasoning will make you laugh!


Little kids can never be trusted to be left on their own, sometimes not even for a second, because they are very likely to get themselves into trouble when no one’s watching. From accidentally breaking things around the house, to throwing things around and making a mess, one can never assume what they would do next. But that’s just a normal phase every child goes through. I am sure you remember some of the stupid things you did when you were just a kid yourself.

Sweet Ansleigh went a step further and cut all her hair off while her dad wasn’t paying a close eye on her so she ended up with a mullet.


From her facial expression and her teary eyes we can say she is aware she wasn’t supposed to cut her hair on her own. However, she provides the perfect reason for her action and says she was inspired by Jessica. When dad says that Miss Jessica is allowed to cut people’s hair because she went to school for it, Ansleigh “accuses” him for not letting her practice enough and people simply can’t contain their laughter over the girl’s reasoning.

However, everything turns out fine at the end after they come to an agreement that daddy will let her practice cutting hair more often in the future when she gets older.

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