Teen boy rescues girl from embarrassing mishap on bus

The second her mother found out what the teen boy had done she whipped back a response online that quickly went viral.


Not many people these days are considerate and empathetic. The world has become a cruel place where everyone is only concerned for their own well-being. The sad truth is that we pass this behavior to our kids and we slowly create a society of selfish humans. We hear of bullied kids all the time, but rarely do we stumble upon stories of young children being compassionate towards their peers, but when we do, our faith in humanity restores.

This is a story of a young boy who did just the right thing when he noticed a girl was in an unpleasant and sort of embarrassing situation. We thank the parents and admire kids like this who are well brought up.

While on the way home from school, a young lady got her period for the first time in her life. All of us who have experienced that know how confusing and embarrassing that might be, especially if it happens in public.

Flickr/Paulo Otávio

The girl’s face turned red and she felt like she could sink through the floor the moment she realized other kids noticed what was going on. At one moment, a young boy approached and just as she expected from him to make fun of her, the most amazing thing happened.

He actually stood by her side and offered a helping hand. His action meant so much for the girl that her mother decided to share the story in the Moms Facebook group.

Flickr/Joe Wolf

The mom explained how the boy, who was slightly older than her daughter, whispered something to the girl.

‘”that she had a stain on the back of her pants and gave her his sweater to tie around her waist so she could walk home off of the bus.”

Flickr/Brandon Debes

The girl couldn’t believe what happened, and she was embarrassed to even say yes to the boy’s offer. But he assured her that everything was going to be just fine.

“(He) told her ‘I have sisters, it’s all good!'”

The mother was thankful because of what the young man did. She said his mother must be proud to have raised a true gentleman.

“We hear so many bad things about today’s youth, and I wanted to share something positive!”


The boy’s act was praised by everyone who read the mom’s story.

“…not many would of done this. I’m sure he’ll become a gentleman in years to come and he will treat a woman how she should be treated.”

This story reminds us that there are still people out there who care and who are willing to give a helping hand to those in need. Remember that every act of kindness, no matter how small, can go a long way.